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By Websbird Technologies On 03/07/2018  

Open Source Product Development

We are a group of 100+ open source experts working for more than a decade in a collaborative, community-driven development environment. Over the years, we have developed formidable expertise in using Open Source products and components and have created a strong Open Source developer community network through our training initiatives and other contributions. We have partnered with leading Open Source Technology and Products companies, such as MySQL, Zend, Drupal, Acquia, SugarCRM, and Sensio-Labs. While leveraging these partnerships, our experienced team of certified developers uses agile development methodologies to bring in the latest innovations for our clients.
Be it Enterprise Products, Web 2.0 applications, Social Networking sites, E-commerce applications and Widgets, Games and Mobile applications – we have developed a knack to mobilize and deliver large scale and complex projects. During a typical project, the emphasis is given on finding the simplest solution to your complex problems. With our experience of serving 50+ industry leader clients like Intel, Google, Yahoo, Trend Micro, LinkedIn, and, we are confident of developing not just dry products but solutions to your problems – solutions that will reduce costs, enhance usability and improve productivity.

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