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By Qhaqan On 06/07/2018  

Struggling with your website issues? You are not alone with this issue.

Hello guest, I am Qhaqan Technology Cheif in Websbird Technologies. Today here I will discuss the most common and high-risk issue "Website support and Maintenance" and 'Website issues'. Now, these days you easily get a website done by any agency or freelancer but its very difficult to get quality support. 

Here are the most common issue that every business owner is struggling with their website:

  • Cosmetic changes like image, text and fonts etc..
  • User-facing errors.
  • Website architecture 
  • Tracking user flow in the website
  • Communication issues between your sales/Marketing team with your technical team
  • Website enhancements and optimisation
  • Website security issues
  • Content pages optimisation 
  • Tracking website performance
  • Timely security checks
  • Timely backups

We keep sites up and running so your business is up and running. Our focus is why we are able to support you and your site more efficiently and more effectively than our competitors.

Websbird Technologies uses a robust online web support ticket system for clients to create and track support requests 24/7/365. In addition, each of our clients is served by a primary account manager.

Our client base extends through the United States and Canada with about 70% of our clients being based in the major business centres of the East Coast: New York, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta and Miami. We can put on a tie and meet in the boardrooms of K Street or sports shorts and a fleece (when it's 50 degrees and raining) and meet over a cup of coffee in Seattle. Then again, we could just meet online and get some work done... your call.

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