Wordpress maintenance package 2019

By S. Kevin On 07/07/2019  

Our WordPress expert team helps you in maintaining your WordPress website and keeps your website healthy from error, slowdowns and other issues. Are you spending too much time fixing and maintaining WordPress? Do you need a reliable yet flexible service to set up plugins, adjust themes, add custom features and troubleshoot errors? then your search ends here.

Presenting a one-time payment plan, where you will pay one time and use it later at any time. Let me explain to you in more detail. Let's say our Basic plan which starts from $59 in which you will get 8 Hours, now these 8 hours you can anytime no monthly boundation, these 8 hours will be valid for a complete one year from date of your purchase. So, Forget regular or monthly cost plans where you need to pay every month/Annually which is an extra burden.

With our WordPress packages, you will get complete freedom and security. It's just like hiring your own developer with no monthly cost. This is surprising right but this is the truth.

Improving functionality through ongoing upgrades and maintenance will improve your visitor experience as well as give you peace of mind that your site is running at its best.

Updates are always being made to WordPress as well as themes and plugins. Keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date is extremely important, especially since so many WordPress updates are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website or blog.

Start your Wordpress website support plan today and get relaxed from all your daily issues. Your website will be on safe hands.

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